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Our process

This outlines our general search process as it relates to contingent and retained searches. We do both.

Phase I – Kick off and Preparation
Searches are received by email invitation or phone call. A teleconference usually occurs with the client. In attendance are the staffing representative, the hiring manager and representatives from Wimbledon Group.

Phase II – Research
Several days to a week are devoted to compiling a detailed list of potential candidates from a variety of sources. Our ability to reach the appropriate market within industry and academia is our most critical asset. We call this capability “relationship capital”. Senior leaders are contacted from a current list of 250 top-level physicians.
Our database of Medical Professionals compiled from years of working in the MD space contains well over 350 names and contact information.
Wimbledon has access to various databases that identify MD’s related to various therapeutic specialties. It is estimated that there are over 500 names to be mined from these sources.

Phase III – Recruitment
In this period, from 1 to 4 weeks or more, calls are made, messages left, calls returned, disclosures made, information exchanged, motivated candidates identified. Preliminary interviews are conducted with the purpose of identifying all “show stoppers” including: the underlying motivation for seeking a change; candidate, spouse and children relocation issues; aging parent issues; compensation expectations; existing legal and competitive agreements with current company, etc…

Phase IV – Evaluation and Referencing
During this phase, remaining candidates are thoroughly screened. The final list is typically narrowed to 3-5 candidates who are introduced to the company. Preliminary phone interviews are arranged, followed by face-to-face interviews. This process can vary in length depending on client and candidate availability.

Phase V – Final selection, closing the deal and follow-up
During this critical final phase of the search process, our extensive deal-closing experience is made available to the client. We remain in continuous contact with the candidate between the offer, the acceptance and the start date to keep the deal secure. The strong bond we build with the candidate over the course of the search often becomes the vital ingredient that pulls and holds the deal together for the client.