Interviewing Tips

The interview is a two-way street. The hiring company decides if you, the candidate, are a fit. You decide whether the company is a fit for you. Nonetheless, your goal is to secure an offer. Here are few suggestions that will enhance your chance of getting the offer:

•  Demonstrate that you are keenly interested in the position.

•  Reveal that you are a highly motivated individual. Discuss past successes that required you to be committed to a goal and how you attained that goal.

•  Cite examples of your experience as a team leader and a team member. Emphasize your ability to get along and to be a team contributor.

•  Discuss situations in which you positively influenced others by your actions and character.

•  Speak openly about your strong work ethic.

•  Ask big and revealing questions. Here’s a good one: “What must I do in the first 12 months on the job to receive an outstanding evaluation?”