Career Stategies

Jack Welber, the President of Wimbledon Group, built a successful career at Johnson & Johnson and in the executive search business for the past 30 years . He offers some useful ideas on this important subject.)

Strategy has often been defined as simply “a plan to beat the competition.” All living organisms adopt survival strategies. Even trees have competitive strategies; they grow in the path that gets them the most sunlight. Often, trees compete with each other for growing space.

Having a carefully planned career strategy is crucial whether the competition is a compound competing for funding, or another company vying for the same customers.

There are three steps in the path to career success: first, choosing a career goal; next, assessing your competition; and finally, developing a plan to win.

Here are some concrete ways of getting started with your career plan:

Play it straight In a career that will span many years, winners usually have a reputation for being “straight shooters.” Confront your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a continuous improvement plan.

Continually improve your skills, e.g., 
Presentation techniques
Writing skills
Assertiveness training
Effective negotiating
Conflict resolution
Team facilitation
Interviewing techniques

An excellent resource:

 Align yourself with winners There is no better way to move a career along than to be part of a winning team. While it’s better to be heading up the team, it’s still good to be associated with a winner.

Get the right boss The best boss is someone who not only recognizes your performance and rewards it, but who is viewed positively by the rest of the organization. Good bosses are often made better by your actions. Always strive to make your boss look good, not with fluff but with substance marketed to further his/her agenda as well as your own.

Share success There are virtually no limits to what you can accomplish if you are willing to share that success with others. This behavior breeds trust and confidence. Those who could help you will step up without fear because they know you will recognize their efforts.